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Business Performances Evaluation: "Like mist that blinds our vision, we hardly can visualize the right path if we have an incessant and unchecked flow of information. But possibilities unfold the moment we expand our vista and start looking through the components of an organization with awareness, their correlation and implications they have upon organizational goals."

A pragmatic approach to business operations, the Business performance Evaluation, what we call shortly as BPE is a report addressing health check of a company.

The process of BPE essentially begins with identifying the parameters of evaluation. Though businesses can be clustered under a single domain, internally they have their own uniqueness with variable objectives and intensity of needs. Accepting the novelty of this phenomenon we begin with identifying the Critical Success Factors(CSFs) and the key performance Indicators(KPIs)of your business.

Means Methods And Outcome

Keeping the Critical Success Factors (CSFs)and the Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)as the value determining components we construe a MIS dash board with

  1. Performance Bench marking
  2. Cost Reduction Opportunities
  3. Business Impact Analysis
  4. Identifying areas that need betterment, as values to be assessed

The values derived from the existing business process are mapped with the best and proven practices in the industry. The Value-based-comparison will make the displacement between the standards and ongoing business evident and distinct enough for further investigation on corporate performance.

Information is the key to decision making. If KPI's and CSF's can be aligned to the overall objective of the company and the areas of process improvements can be identified with focus for cost reduction.

BPE clearly indicates areas that need attention, that need improvisation, in terms of their criticality. Summarily called as, Performance Bench Marking, the process brings in a new momentum of energy into areas whose performance needs to be stepped up. Bench marking with industry standards can held them leap to the next level.

The other critical benefit BPE can draw would be identifying areas where Cost Reduction is possible. This Sharply indicates that some functions or sets of functions can be performed at a lesser cost by optomizing the utilization of resources while retaining the intended outcome.

Further Business Impact Analysis is done for identifying critical and high risk areas and other vulnerable areas that can be rated at the next highest levels as importtant and moderate. BPE provides quantified risk assessment results which can in turn help us focus on more discerning issues and factors that impact change.

we also carry out evaluation of existing Management Information Systems(MIS)with comprehensive evaluation and reporting we strengthen the decision support system, suggest cost control measures and practicable ways of managing performance.

  1. A clear understanding on the current business processes, their effectiveness and the ways they can be perfected.
  2. End-to-End alignment of business process
  3. Functional overlapping coverage
  4. Helps conversion of information into valuable insights
  5. Areas of improvement with facts, observations and recommendations
  6. Management can save their time and resources to concentrate on core business process
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“If a sequence is hitching the step ahead,change the course of action.Anything latest to the pile,get them on the list.To solve them first understand them. Change before change becomes inevitable. This summarily is business process redesign. It’s a rational approach, examines efficiency and effectiveness of process while ensuring quality.”

The business process redesign is a structured effort towards organizational change process. This process of redesign is carried forward with a diagnostic analysis of current practices, the causes for underperformance and the nature and intensity of the problem.

Means Methods and Outcome

Incoherent practices when bundle up or when they grow in an unchecked fashion pose serious problem to business execution which may be realized at a much later and critical stage.we ought to take a localized approach with the widest perspective called organizational growth to properly identify and address the causes of adverse circumstances.

Once we determine the rationale for change, we explore new way of doing things and even radical changes to improve execution and to meet the needs of customers.

  • Optimum allocation of resources
  • Elimination of waste from process
  • Altering process sequence for better output and
  • Employing IT to enhance productivity

We map the new process, which inherently will accommodate parallel processes with effective cross functional coordination of tasks and process reporting,

We help organizations draw maximum benefits from the Business Process Redesign by establishing program leardership and by mounting procedures and systems that will capture and distribute process information for improved analysis and decision making.

  • Prepared and planed approach to the change process
  • Process improvement that will complement organizational growth
  • Process Innovation that results in reduced cycle times ,increased quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Specialist advices on all department of functions
  • Creation and implementation of well postulated strategies
  • Adding Value to existing processes
  • Negating costly and time consuming processes
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Means Methods And Outcome

The MRM commences with fixing objectives of the assignment and outlining strategic direction and is carried out in consolation with the management. The organizational goals for the renewed effort are defined and the measures of progress toward the goals are formulated.

To begin with the KPIs of every single process are mapped and targets are set for each KPI in view of the current and future business challenges and set objectives.we install process tracking and monitoring systems to capture the sequences that integrate into a process.

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  • Renders excellent Corporate Governance through Self Assessment, the adherence of which will be a pleasant experience to everyone in the organization.
  • Self-assessment is the process through which management and process Owners along with the internal Auditors assess the extent to which their current practices are sufficient and appropriate to achieve their strategic objectives and there is a continuous Risk Monitoring mechanism.
  • PPSA will help organization create a risk database, strategic risk methodology, and Streamline documentation procedures and evaluate residual risk.

Process Performance self Assessment helps organization improve their business performance by enabling them to

  • Understand, prioritize, and reach consensus on strategic objectives for the company or a specific business process within the company.
  • Identify, prioritize measure and source business risks within the company or a specific business process within the company.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of controls within the company or a specific business process within the company.
  • Enhance the performance od a specific business process within the company.
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Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants

Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants is a leading provider of Management Advisory, Internal Audit, Information Security Systems, Corporate Governance, Tax and Assurance services in India. We seamlessly offer our consulting services across industry sectors with our offices at all major cities.

We foster an integrated managerial approach within businesses to complement a robust and durable business growth and handle complex business challenges with right strategies.

Management Advisory

Structured research, improving performance, formulation and implementation of strategies

We offer broader and deeper research into existing processes; track them into structured and systematized patterns that would minimize the challenge of gathering and evaluating information. Organizations need carry out this process time and again to intimately and constantly monitor factors that impact change; verily this process would instill in us the ability to focus on more discerning issues.

We take positive stand on enhancing existing operations and delineate workable options to nullify underperformance. At critical times a radical approach becomes necessary. On such situations we make a realistic assessment of available options and offer a compatible solution for the present and a scalable solution that would support the process of evolution.

We result in a progress that is gradual but significant. We assist our clients to formulate the right strategy, align business functions to optimize productivity and to ably implement business process redesign. With interaction and advisory we fill that personal touch that your business needs by letting people to be a part of the process and providing a space for expression and vesting in them a sense of accomplishment in the final outcome.

The following are the services that we offer under Management Advisory.

  • Business Process Evaluation(BPE)
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Business Impact Analysis

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