About Us

India's transition has been a poignant one. It is no longer known by the world as the land of kings, cows and snake charmers, but rather as a country that delivers everything from grey-cell-driven solutions to manufactured products.

Our Founder

We have the visionary leadership of our founders Ms. Susmita Sekhar and Mr. Partho Kunar ,who bring along with them,Diverse experience in the field of leadership training and consultancy programs.

Ms. Susmita Sekhar an eminent social activist & environmentalist has worked in the field of advertising, marketing, academics, social development both for rural & urban India. She has enjoyed the privilege of being a member of the U.N.Task Force for Water & Sanitation & has been involved in multiple projects for its cause. Having travelled all over the world and has a wide ranging experience. She has addressed many issues on national and international forums.

Mr. Partho Kunar has been professionally engaged in activities like,Advertising Agency, Leading publications, Electronic Media, Education & Real Estate for almost two Decades. His area of expertise has been Sales-Marketing, Brand Building & Promotions, Business Strategy Planning & Research, Supply chain Management MIS covering the entire country with special focus on rural and semi urban market.

For the last few years Ms. Shekhar & Mr.Kunar have been a visiting management faculty to many Institutes in over the country and have also been conducting motivational, skill development programs .Both of them have a hand on experience in different areas of rural and urban India and are sensitized to the requirements of the same.

Philosophy & Introduction

India is considered as a country of knowledge and gyanas starting from ancient knowledge of Ved-Vedantas, Geeta, Bodhisatva gyana of Gautam Buddha to Ahimsa of Mahavira, Arthashastra of Chanyaka to Amartya Sen, and AryaBhata to Kalpana Chawla. India has a legacy of assimilation of people and their knowledge from different region, religion, culture and civilisation that makes this Country as a “Vishwa Guru”. These assimilative powers has helped much of its people in gaining pure Gyana in theIr related field of activities.

Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants is one such assimilation of modern knowledge with Tatva-Gyana (Pure knowledge) attained by professionals in their respective fields.

Suhaskrit takes pride of ancient India having highest seat of education and learning like Nalanda, Taxila, Vikramshila which attracted learners and students from all over the world, which it would adopt for its values and delivery.

Suhaskrit is an initiative to impart training and consultancy on such subjects which will always inculcate in an individual or an organisation values for self improvement beneficial to the world at large.

Suhaskrit Trainers and Consultants is an organization which works in the field of imparting specialized, focused training & skill enhancement to professionals schools, colleges, universities B-Schools, , as well as Govt. representatives, non-governmental organizations, to suit today's business and value need.


  • Use of ancient Indian values and ethos as founding principles to educate young and adults alike.
  • To ensure preparedness of its constituents to lead meaningful lives by way of education, employability and sustained support.
  • Love thy self to care for others.
The core group works to consistently evolve and keep abreast of the latest developments in technology and management, thereby ensuring clients get to benefit from state of the art services.


  • To educate rural and urban youth for ' livelihood with honour'.
  • Training with Indian ethos.
  • Value infusion in students at institutions and corporate world.
  • Educational Training development and research.
We offer corporate training and consultancy services, providing a wide range of training modules that consist of corporate training, B school training, HR solutions and soft skills training & development. Our Consultancy & Training Services are specially tailor-made, catering to the needs in the field of Education, Marketing & Sales, Print Media, BTL, Real Estate, Hospitality and Environment.